Teach Basic Rudiments Mini-Course

The FREE Tips to Teach Basic Rudiments Online Mini-Course is a FREE Teacher Training Course. Each of the 12 Videos highlights one music theory concept from each of the 12 Lessons in the Basic Rudiments Workbook. This Mini-Course contains quick Teaching Tips to Supercharge Your Class!

  • In each of the Music Theory Video Lessons 1 – 12, you will learn teaching tips and short cuts in presenting concepts to your students. 
  • How to Teach the Circle of Fifths in less than 1 minute
  • Easy Memory Joggers for Learning the "Accidental Triad Salute"
  • Innovative Symbols to Teach Rhythm & Rests - Results Guaranteed
  • How to Create the UMT Map and Score 100% on Theory Exams!

UMT Teach Basic Rudiments Online Course