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The Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course for teachers is a pedagogical teaching program that will give you the secret to understanding learning styles and rapport building techniques using Neuro-Linguistic Programming that makes your students addicted to learning ALL while using the power of teaching with passion - covering Basic Music Theory, Intermediate Music Theory and Advanced Music Theory Rudiments levels.

Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course - Learn, Laugh and Love Teaching Theory!

Music is one of two universal languages around of the world. The other is mathematics. It is no surprise that the two are so closely linked, because, as they say, music is math in bloom.

When you have completed the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course

Your Teaching Confidence and Level of Understanding will SOAR!

- How It Works -

The Online Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course contains 50 Video sessions, including all course materials with downloadable worksheets and answer pages for each session. The UMTC Course is divided into three sections: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Music Theory Sessions. Study at your own tempo and watch each video at your own convenience.

What will you learn at the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course?

♫ MASTER 17 TEACHING SKILLS - See how to build knowledge in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Rudiments

♫ LEARN NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING - Hear techniques to understand Learning Styles and Building Rapport

♫ DEVELOP MARKETING STRATEGIES - Increase Your Income while having more fun teaching UMT Club Classes

♫ USE CREATIVE LESSON PLANS - Detailed instruction to educate and motivate your students

How to Become Certified - At the end of each section (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced) is a written Teachers’ Exam (don't panic - you'll have learned everything you need to know and more). Once you have completed the Teachers’ Basic Music Theory Exam, you submit it via email for marking and continue with the Intermediate Music Theory sessions followed by the Advanced Music Theory sessions.

What is the Criteria for the Certification - When all 3 written Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course Teachers’ Exams are completed and marked (with a pass of 80% - First Class Honors), you will be granted the designation of U.M.T.C. and you will receive your Ultimate Music Theory Certification Teachers' Certificate.

This Pedagogy Teacher Training Course includes Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Music Theory Rudiments, Lesson Plans,
Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Marketing Materials for UMT Club Classes and so much more!

The UMTC Course Value is OVER $4500!

Get Certified - ONLY $727 or 3 Easy Payments of $247 - Register Today!

You can learn and complete the exercises at your own tempo and at your own convenience, online.

WHY am I giving the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course away for $727? Because I want you to have the short cuts, the teaching techniques, the knowledge and more importantly your own success story and I don’t want you to have to do it the hard way.

I want you to SHARE your knowledge in the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course with others in developing knowledgeable successful musicians. I want to help you go beyond your wildest dreams and be on your Way to Score Success faster than you can play “The Minute Waltz”.


If you don’t LEARN anything, you don’t PAY anything.

Guarantee – I’m so confident that you will achieve successful pedagogical teaching results using the 17 teaching skills, rapport building techniques and understanding learning styles, I’m going to give you a 100% money back guarantee – if you don’t learn anything when taking the Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course, simply contact us and we will refund your course fee… You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

The Benefits of Music Theory Certification

Music Theory has a long list of built-in benefits for students. The study of music theory can help students gain a deeper understanding of music composition and performance, especially using different instruments. The same principles that govern the study and production of music are the same that govern those of math and science, and can provide a deeper understanding of how the world around us works.

Rhythm and pitch can teach fundamental concepts of value, division, time and harmonics. Linguistics, acoustics and the properties of the air around us all have a profound effect on the performance and enjoyment of music. The modern tools of music production also provide a music theory student with equally as valuable opportunities to study electronics, computer science, broadcasting, sound recording and other aspects of production.

Why Get a Music Theory Certification?

Every entertainment market depends on music. From television commercials to sports to video games, musicians, songwriters and performers are called on constantly to provide entertaining, quality tracks for every kind of performance. It is a field with endless and growing opportunities.

Studies suggest that students that study music also broaden their ability to learn other subjects such as math and science and typically perform higher on standardized testing. These new learning skills will give students a new appreciation for what most people take for granted. It is a field well worth every student’s time.

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(L to R) Meet your UMT Examiner Shelagh McKibbon-U’Ren and your Teacher Glory St. Germain. 

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The Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course

Learn, Laugh and Love Teaching Music Theory!

Enriching Lives Through Music Education


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